Our Mascots

Accompanying your stay at our website is Wujo and Po Po, our two mascots! Scroll down to learn more about them, and stay tuned for new characters to come in the future!

About Wujo

Wujo, meaning "dirty" in Cantonese, is a dust bunny. He attracts hair, lint, dead skin, dust, and all sorts of rubbish rolling in the house. He wanders various parts of the house seeking for a friend and a safe hideaway, but miserably fails because of his dirty appearance and defensive attitude. Other living objects distance Wujo, because they believe that he carries harmful parasites.

The truth is, Wujo may seem angry, but he just wants to be loved like everyone else.

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About Po Po

Po Po, meaning "hugs" and "bubbles" in Cantonese, is a kitchen sponge. Both words describe her caring personality. Her hobbies include everything soft and colourful. She is always ready for an adventure! She loves to travel and snap pictures, especially of all the places she visits. When she is not exploring, she bums around at home enjoying good food.

Although Po Po has many friends, she is uncertain if she is ready to give her heart out anymore. Her relationships with people had their ups, but mostly downs. But she is still looking for a good companion to share her life with. Are you ready to join Po Po on her journey of love and self-discovery?

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